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Webisode Listing

Episode 01 – Birdie on a Wire (PART I & II) Episode 02 – The Girl Who Played with Farraday Episode 03 – The Dawn of a New Age Episode 04 – Chief Concern Episode 05 – Post-Production Episode 06 – Production

16th Annual Webby Awards

We've submitted Police Cops to be nominated for the 16th Annual Webby Awards. We've entered under the 'Comedy: Long Form or Series' category. We'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed... To learn more, visit the Webby Awards website:

Every Tuesday Productions gets a new look

We've recently updated our website with a blog and photo gallery. More features coming soon. Hope you like it!

Police Cops EP04 – New Episode online

We're excited to announce that Episode 04 is currently online on our website and YouTube channel. Visit:  -or-  to check it out.