suzanneSuzanne Kelly

Suzanne has always believed that she was destined for a career in the arts. Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she initially began performing through singing, studying classical and musical theatre under acclaimed opera singer Margot Harding. This led her to numerous performances in the Winnipeg Music Festival and local musical theatre productions throughout her early years where her love for acting began to blossom as well. After years of writing and performing her own pop/country songs in local coffee shops, festivals and charity events in pursuit of a recording deal, she stumbled upon doing extra work for a local production and knew that she had found her niche. Suzanne graduated with a BA Honours in Theatre from the University of Winnipeg in 2007 while also teaching and training at the Onalee Ames Film Studio. There she honed her skills before moving to Vancouver in September 2008 to pursue acting more fully. Selected credits include a lead in the national commercial Swiss Chalet Festive Special, feature films The Lookout (Miramax), Full Of IT (New Line Cinema) and Wild Cherry (Farpoint Films), Bravo!FACT short film Infectious as well as her stage work with the University of Winnipeg in The Glass Menagerie and Lion In The Streets.



Nic Ouellette

Originally born in Winnipeg, Nicolas has been acting in film and TV since his early twenties. Studying under Onalee Ames and Shea Hampton, he has had the pleasure of working with such independent directors as Sean Garrity (Lucid) and Robert Cuffley (Walk All Over Me) as well as actors Leelee Sobieski (Eyes Wide Shut) and Breckin Meyer (Road Trip). In his spare time, he enjoys reading comic books, snowboarding, 3D movies and riding his bike to the beach. He currently resides in east Vancouver with all of his plants.


martinMartin Van Steinburg

Martin Van Steinburg was born in the Yukon, close to Alaska. He learned the way of the wolf and the aardvark. He stole candy from smaller children and spent time in a Listerine factory where he grew bitter and resentful. Then he turned three and the world of acting opened and tickled his juice box. His samovar of destiny has been sailing ever since. Selected credits include; TV series’ Da Vinci’s City Hall, Painkiller Jane for the Sci-fi Network, The 4400, and the TV movie A Job To Kill For, independents Extraordinary Duty, Palmal Sunset, Where’s Claire and Julie’s Necklace, and feature films Charlie, The Stray Bullet and Easter In My Suitcase.



bryanBryan Sullivan

Bryan has been working in the film/television industry for over ten years. He first caught the filmmaking bug at CFCD – a student run TV studio at Dawson College, where he served as station manager and participated in several video productions. At the age of eighteen, he was hired at Gary Theobald Productions, one of the leading crew companies in Montreal. Young and eager to learn, Bryan gained valuable experience in various capacities working on ‘one-off’ productions for clients including CBC, CTV, A&E, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, BBC, Discovery Channel, Harpo, Miramax, and Paramount Pictures. In 2001, he moved to Vancouver to work for Third Wave Communications Inc., a British Columbia based company specializing in educational television series and video production. Bryan focused on learning the ins-and-outs of post-production from video editing, motion graphics & animation design through to audio mixing, broadcast mastering, and on-line delivery. He has directed over 25 episodes of broadcast television in both English and French for the ‘Home Biz TV’ & ‘CALLOUT: Search and Rescue’ documentary series. He has also directed and done camera work on several high- profile government video projects. Bryan lives and breathes production and enjoys developing his craft(s). He looks forward to working on more independent productions and expanding his knowledge into the realm of VFX and fiction filmmaking.